Entrepreneurship and leadership

  • Consulting in business ,startups companies and stalled
  • Administrative area
  • Leadership Skills
  • Learning Strategies
  • During one session or multiple sessions of the meeting for one hour

Birkman assessment

Assessment tool is designed in accordance with the global scientific approach allows individuals and leaders of institutions to achieve positive change in various fields and access to the highest quality in the best performance results.

Berkman and scale Certified is currently used in 22 countries in the world and 8,000 governmental agencies and institutions and global academic and companies, including: Wal-Mart, HP, IBM, Harvard University, Stanford University and others.

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Training & development

General Orientation

  • Labor laws
  • Employee’s rights and duties
  • Career development

Soft Skills

  • Customer services
  • Work ethics
  • Decision making & problem
  • solving
  • Time management

Personal Development

  • Team building
  • Leadership skills
  • KPIs &Performance
  • Management

Leadership development for

  • senior staff
  • Leadership skills
  • How to coach your staff
  • Delivering Professional
  • Feedback to staff

Strategy building for senior staff

  • Strategy and structure
  • Execution
  • Analysis of strategy
  • Business planning and management

Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership development coaching

• Self-awareness and understanding of full potential
• Tools and techniques to utilize in developing leadership skills
• Coaching the coaches/managers
• Creating Life work balance
• Awareness of self-Values

Business coaching: (for start-ups businesses)

• Market Studies
• Target audience analysis
• Business Model Canvas
• Business plan
• Operation Management
• Marketing


Sharing  our expertise in various fields through the provision of counseling sessions  based on scientific methodology helps to empower women to enter into areas of specialization