6 Best Outdoor Team-Building Activities to Try in Saudi Arabia

Outdoor Team Building Activities in Saudi Arabia

To build a cohesive team, you must engage and interact in dynamic environments instead of discussing roles in a conference room.

With its vast deserts and rich cultural landscapes, Saudi Arabia presents a unique backdrop for outdoor team building. 

In this article, we’ll explore various activities that challenge teams and bond them—right in the heart of the desert. 

From thrilling desert safaris to mountain trekking and beach games, we’ll delve into how these experiences can improve workplace dynamics. 

Partnering with Tamakkun, a leader in human capital development, ensures that these team-building events are not only impactful but also seamlessly executed. 

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Why Outdoor Team-Building Works

Something remarkable happens when teams step outside the usual office setting into the open air. 

Outdoor team-building activities are more than just a breath of fresh air—they catalyse enhanced communication, elevate morale, and unleash creativity. 

Here are three key benefits these activities offer:

  1. Enhanced Communication: The natural and unfamiliar settings require team members to communicate clearly and effectively. This improved communication can easily transfer back to the office environment, where clear dialogues are just as crucial.
  2. Elevated Morale: Escaping the four walls of an office and tackling fun challenges together can significantly boost team spirit. High morale often leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity.
  3. Boosted Creativity: Outdoor challenges encourage individuals to innovate outside the box. This creativity in problem-solving and strategising can breathe new life into projects and tasks when they return to a more conventional work setting.

The real magic of outdoor settings is the inherent challenges they bring. 

It makes the activity more engaging and mirrors workplace challenges, providing valuable lessons in resilience and adaptability. 

Outdoor team-building offers a unique blend of fun and functionality, making every outing memorable and immensely beneficial.

Top 6 Outdoor Team-Building Adventures in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s diverse landscapes offer numerous opportunities for adventure and team-building. 

Here’s a detailed look at some top activities that can transform any team event into an unforgettable experience:

1. Desert Safari Adventures

Engage your team in the stark, expansive desert landscapes with challenges designed to test their navigation skills and survival tactics. 

Navigating races or group survival tasks, such as finding water or building shelter, are exhilarating and promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and group cohesion. 

The unique desert environment provides a dramatic backdrop that intensifies the experience, making the lessons learned more memorable.

2. Mountain Trekking and Hiking

The rugged terrains of the Sarawat Mountains or the Hejaz region offer perfect settings for trekking and hiking challenges. 

These adventures require team members to support each other physically and emotionally, navigating steep climbs or tricky paths. 

The activity naturally builds trust and camaraderie, as team members rely on each other to overcome natural obstacles and reach their destination. 

This mirrors workplace dynamics, where collaboration and mutual support are crucial to achieving common goals.

3. Beach Games and Activities

Use the scenic Red Sea coast for lighter, more playful team-building exercises like beach volleyball, relay races, and sandcastle-building competitions. 

These activities promote team spirit and healthy competition and provide a relaxing environment where employees can connect and engage with each other away from workplace pressures. 

The informal setting helps break down formal workplace barriers and encourages open communication.

4. Cultural Discovery Tours

Teams can explore rich historical sites like Al Ula or Diriyah through interactive, team-based quests. 

These cultural tours are designed not just for entertainment, but to enrich the team’s knowledge and appreciation of Saudi Arabia’s heritage. 

By solving puzzles or completing tasks that require collaboration within these historical contexts, teams can strengthen their bonds while gaining insights into the culture surrounding them. 

This blending of education and team-building makes for a profoundly impactful experience.

5. Orienteering Challenges

Introduce teams to orienteering, in which they must use maps and compasses to navigate a pre-set course in nature. 

This activity is excellent for building leadership and strategic thinking. Teams make decisions under pressure, adjusting their plans in response to the terrain and challenges encountered along the way.

6. Outdoor Cooking Competitions

Challenge teams with outdoor cooking competitions where they must create a dish from limited ingredients. 

This activity tests their ability to work under pressure and improves their cooperative skills. They must divide tasks and work together to prepare the best meal possible within the constraints.

With Tamakkun as your partner, your team-building event will be impactful, leveraging their extensive expertise and experience in human capital development. 

Tamakkun specialises in crafting experiences that meet each client’s unique needs and ensure that every activity is seamlessly integrated with your organisation’s values and goals. 

What You Need to Know to Master Outdoor Team-Buildings

Several critical factors must be addressed to ensure the success of an outdoor team-building event in Saudi Arabia, particularly in its varying and often challenging environments. 

Here’s what to keep in mind:

  1. Safety First: The importance of safety must be balanced, especially in challenging terrain such as deserts or mountains. Ensure that all activities are planned with safety in mind, including having first aid trained staff on hand, providing safety gear, and conducting thorough briefings on do’s and don’ts. It’s also vital to have a clear, quick emergency response plan in place.
  2. Align Activities with Corporate Values and Goals: Each activity should reflect and reinforce your company’s values and objectives. If teamwork and trust are your focus, consider activities that require close collaboration and problem-solving. This alignment ensures the team-building experience resonates with participants and translates into tangible workplace benefits.
  3. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Ensure that all team-building activities are inclusive and accessible to every team member, regardless of physical ability or other potential limitations. Adapt activities as needed to ensure that everyone can participate meaningfully. It might involve choosing locations that are accessible to all and providing alternative activities that offer the same level of engagement and challenge.
  4. Professional Facilitation: Leveraging the expertise of skilled facilitators, such as those from Tamakkun, can help tailor the experience to your team’s specific needs. These experts ensure that activities run smoothly and help the team draw insightful reflections, which can be pivotal for ongoing development.
  5. Cultural Sensitivity: Given Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage, it’s essential to be culturally sensitive in planning and executing activities. Respecting local customs and traditions will enhance the experience and foster a deeper connection and respect among team members.
  6. Follow-Up and Integration: After the event, integrate the lessons learned into everyday work life. Follow up with participants to discuss insights and takeaways, and consider regular refreshes or follow-up sessions to reinforce the benefits of the team-building activities.

Addressing these key considerations will make your team-building event a memorable adventure and a significant step towards achieving greater unity and effectiveness in your team.

Conclusion – Outdoor Team-Building Activities in Saudi Arabia

Outdoor team-building activities offer a distinct advantage by transforming natural environments into powerful platforms for enhancing employee communication, morale, and creativity. 

Saudi Arabia’s varied and dynamic landscapes—from its expansive deserts to rugged mountains and picturesque coastlines—provide the perfect backdrop for memorable and effective team-building exercises.

We encourage companies to move away from the conventional office setting and into vast, open landscapes that foster genuine connections and growth. 

Such events are more than just a day away from the office; they invest in the team’s future and promote a workplace culture that values collaboration, respect, and collective success.

Get in touch with us today to explore the potential of outdoor team building in Saudi Arabia.


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