Maisoon AL Darrab

CEO & Co- Founder

Maisoon is a professional leadership development coach & mentor. After acquiring an eight year experience of administrative management particularly in Internal Auditing and Organizational Development reaching the position of Acting Director of Internal Audit; she sharpened her training skills and found her calling in Co-Active coaching.

Once she acquired the needed tools and seasoned her skills in coaching Maisoon established her own company Will-Power Coaching and followed her passion of co-creating transformation with her clients and calling them forth towards awareness of their full potential, Provoking change within self and others, Inspiring empowerment and leadership skills. Then she Co-founded Tmakkun with her partner Lamya Al Kadi.

Maisoon is the cofounder of “TAGHYEER” a non-profit initiative in the form of women support group that addresses personal development and women empowerment issues.

She is a member of “TAKATUF”

Lamya AL Kadi

VP & Co-Founder

Lamya al-Kadi is a very ambitious lady that I was raised to believe in the impossible and the power of change with just great will and patience. Lamya started her career as a co-founder partner and CEO of Dour business center in Riyadh, while going through all the difficulties of running a business she found her passion in sharing that knowledge and pursue business coaching for female start-ups so she co-founded Tmakkun consulting Co. with her partner Maisoon Al Darrab.

Lamya won the Young Entrepreneurship Award 2015 from the Council of Saudi Chambers, and she is a member of the Business Ladies Committee in Riyadh Chamber of commerce since 2014, while being a part time Business Development Manager in Mentors KSA for a one year period.

Lamya has conducted many workshops and participated as an inspirational speaker in a lot of institutes to motivate females in entrepreneurship and career development.

Admin Team 


operations Officer

Anwar a very passionate about business and entrepreneurship, majored in business administration and a co-founding member of Empower association at princess Noura university for entrepreneurs and leaders she started her career as project manager officer and managed to finish the market, marketing financial & operation plans within six months she joined Tamakkun team at January 2017

Manahel AL Ajlan

Operations Officer

she had the Bachelor degree in Business Administration to follow her passion in strategy and business, she worked in the public relations & media field. worked as project manager officer and managed to finish the market, marketing financial & operation plans within six months

she is a volunteer since 2011 in many areas, she is the founding member of taj club, a volunteer member of 4Events team, Member of klnakheer team & member of kheer Saudi team

Bushra AL Mulifi

Administrative Coordinator

She holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and investment. She have an active interest in handling numbers and figures and wishes to experience everything new in business and finance. started her career in making marketing & financial plans for SCT, ambitious to achieve new goals along with interest in self-development, joined Tamakkun team in November 2016

Training & Consulting Team 

Mozah AL Otibi


A dedicated and passionate Senior trainer & training projects consultant with 9 years of progressive experience in the Educational and Social sector with a proven record of promoting organizational growth through empowerment, development, and utilization of people and technology. Aptitude for addressing cultural diversity.

Refah AL ghamdi


Refah is a certified trainer for distance training at Cambridge Training and Consultancies Center. she is an educational supervisor at the talented females Dep. for 13 years’ experience. She is self-confident, can overcome obstacles, and has high ability for thinking creatively and solving problems. She likes to renew and develop everything around her; and presented many initiatives that has been approved by department of education such as:

Initiator of (Nobel Prize and me ) program
Initiator of (Preparation of innovation and invention teacher at public education schools)
Initiator of activating assumption classes (Nano Meeting)
Initiator of Education Dep. Award in Ebdaa National Olympiad
She is a holder of educational courses in thinking and self-development skills. She has represented the Saudi ministry of education in many scientific forums inside and outside the Kingdom. she holds 14 memberships in many social and educational fields. has trained around 200 trainee, supervised 400 schools and 6 special classes for talented women. she is a holder of Al Baha Award in (Administrative Excellence) all over Al Baha Education Department (Supervisors Category) 2015. she has numerous thanking an appreciation letters.

Saad AL Hamidi

Leadership Development and Team Performance Coach

He is also a the Talent Management Professional. His experience includes working in Talent Management different roles both in private & government sectors, where he serves organizations & individuals to discover their potential & develop themselves.
He has worked with diverse individuals. For recommendations from clients visit:
As a professional, he was one of the founders of both Suadi Human Capital Club (SHCC) & Saudi Chapter of the International Coaches Federation (ICF).
He is a graduate of both the CoActive Leadership Program and CoActive Coach Certification program (CPCC) by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaches Federation (ICF). He was, also, trained on Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching for to coach both leaders & Teams. lastly, he is A Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC) from Team Coaching International (TCI).
Saad holds Bachelor Degree in Psychology from King Abdulaziz University and a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

Wafa AL Baz

Trainer & Birkman consultant

Wafa is a Trainer & Birkman consultant in Human Resources & Development she worked with:

Burohappold Engineering
Prince Sultan University
King Saud University
Education Experts
King Abdulaziz & his companion’s foundation for Giftedness and creativity
Kingdom Schools/Kingdom Holding
Volunteered at:

Alnahdhah Philanthropy
Takatuf Philanthropy
King Abdul-Aziz center for national Dialogue

Rozana AL Banawi

Advisor, Trainer and an organizational leadership coach.

She is transforming personal lives and organizations by aligning them with their true purpose, values and vision which naturally inspires authenticity, growth, trust and transparency. Along with an academic background in education and human relations from the UK, she is a pioneer Saudi woman ACC (Associate Certified Coach by ICF) & a CPCC (Certified Professional CoActive Coach). She has proudly aced, the 10 month, CTI leader-training program. She’s on the process to become a candidate for CDWF (Certified Daring Way Facilitator)



PCC Executive Coach, Facilitator and OD Consultant

Aref has converted his passion to a business and a way of life. He is strongly anchored in the belief that the unfolding of one’s full potential through inner-evolution and self-development is nature’s way and therefore inevitable.

The path of growth and expansion does not cease as long as the breath does not cease.
Aref began his professional and career life with Saudi Arabian Airlines as Avionic.
Aref holds a Degree in Sociology; a Master’s Degree in Business Management – HR; MS in Psychotherapy Counselling –and is PCC
Certified Executive Coach from ICF.
His conviction in the certainty of an upward learning curve for every individual got him in touch with his passion for working in the area of enabling and empowering leaders.
He is especially skilled in the areas of; Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Family business succession planning, Organization Change
Management and Personal Development and Transformation, Aref’s exposure to Tavistock work in group relationship and T-group facilitation through the study of Applied Behavioural Science
combined with his practice as a Gestalt Therapist, Transactional Analysis, Shadow Work and Archetypes’ makes him an extremely sensitive people’s person.

Reema AL Thnayan


Reema is a human development , Managment and leadership Trainer , she is a motivational Speaker in change , she holds a master degree in Business Administration.