TAMAKKUN is a company founded in 2015 by two women in order to enable Chgova Two Saudi women in the region and stimulate self-knowledge and deep learning. Coaching services, guidance, counseling and training.

Our story

Sometimes, people adhere to the responsibilities of daily life routine, tasks and deadlines that they forget to balance and communicate with themselves and leaders within themselves …. We were all of these in one day.

On our journey to self-discovery, and through our experience in this field, we have learned the importance of the heart and mind to get to the core of an integrated life. We have emerged from the comfort zone to enter the growth area, and so we had the opportunity to encourage others and their inspiration so that they are more influential leaders in their field and their personal lives to be able to reverse what inside them in front of others by providing effective training mechanisms and methodology of modern elaborate in the development of leadership skills In addition to the necessary follow-up.

In the end all deserve to live in balance and happiness

Logo’s Story

Our brand promotes the concept of the various scattered elements that meet to be able to name so as to promote the concept of I for .. We stock signify the movement of evolution and change from case to case

What we aim for

  • 1As leadership development coaches our main aim is inspiration, awareness, empowerment, development and change. We inspire people to understand their full potential, be aware of whom they really are and what they really want, find their empowerment within to recognize their objectives and go for it.

  • 2As experienced mentors and experts in the field we share our experience call our clients forth to be leaders, take more initiative and accomplish their objectives.

  • 3As seasoned facilitators and licensed trainers, we train, coach and guide our clients by introducing new tools that can be utilized facilitate administrative and personal development programs to enhance their career.

  • 4As Consultants to help business owners and entrepreneurs develop the business objectives necessary to achieve their organization’s growth.